Smart city display at IoT Expo

For those Silicon Valleyites weary of traveling to Las Vegas for re:Invent, Encore Media Group brought its Blockchain Expo/IoT Expo/AI Expo combo conference to Santa Clara this week.

The combination of three of the most hyped topics in technology today provided a rare opportunity to compare the progress vendors have been making cutting through the noise to bring real solutions to the market.

Smart city display at IoT Expo

Smart city display at IoT Expo

While clearly not representative of all participants in their respective areas, the vendors in attendance nevertheless helped to underscore the essence of each market segment.

For example, among the artificial intelligence (AI) vendors at the expo, the center of gravity was image recognition – one of the primary use cases for deep learning, a subset of AI.

For the Internet of Things (IoT), the excitement centered on hardware devices of various sorts, including sensors and actuators for all manner of industries. There were even Japanese and South Korean pavilions, showcasing the wares from the respective countries’ manufacturers.

The center of gravity for blockchain, however, didn’t fare as well. Various cryptocurrency-centered startups gamely made their pitches, largely to each other. The dramatic deflation of the bitcoin speculative bubble combined with increasing regulatory and legal action against the scammers who have taken over the crypto world made attendees generally skeptical about the entire affair.

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