Enable, Enhance, or Evolve Your Legacy Assets

The combination of continually evolving customer desires with ever-accelerating technology innovation is driving enterprises into a digital transformation frenzy. Transform or die is now the mantra, […]

Disruptive Technology, Monotonous Marketing At Strata+Hadoop World

O’Reilly’s New York-based Strata+Hadoop World conference is one of the largest big data conferences in the world today, featuring hundreds of vendors touting innovative solutions – […]

Beware Digital Overload

I love all this digital hullaballoo, really I do. I love all these different trends and disruptions and turmoil. I especially love the confusion – it […]

Webinar: Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Financial Services

Cloud-first strategies for IT are now a reality for most enterprises. Even in financial services, virtually unlimited capacity, elasticity, and doing away with capital-intensive tech refresh […]