Legacy Migration vs. Modernization: The Challenge of Coexistence

Ever since the first vacuum tube burned out in the first commercial digital computer, calls for IT modernization have targeted older, legacy systems. Over the years, […]

Cybersecurity: Easy as Tiger Repellant?

A drunk was leaning up against a lamppost on an urban street corner, doing his best to snap his fingers. “Why are you snapping your fingers?” […]

EA Communique: Supporting the ‘Citizen Integrator’ with Enterprise Architecture

There’s no question that my July 2014 Forbes article Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken? struck a nerve, especially among enterprise architects. While my answer was not […]

AppDynamics: Operationalizing Digital Disruption

Disruption is ubiquitous in today’s tumultuous business environment. Sources of disruption surround us, from ever-accelerating technology innovations to industry-shattering, revolutionary business models. Change is constant, unpredictable, […]