Brownfield to Greenfield Ops: Cloud Changes the Game

Bimodal IT is a controversial topic in enterprise IT circles today. The fact that IT runs at two (or more) speeds isn’t the question. Rather, the […]

Compuware: Topaz Runtime Visualizer revolutioniert Mainframe DevOps

Die neue Version von Topaz befähigt Entwickler aller Erfahrungsstufen durch die Erzeugung von Java-ähnlichen „Projekten“ auch eine schnellere und genauere Durchführung von Wirkungsanalysen. Diese logischen Sammlungen […]

Experian Hack Continues Pattern Of Recklessness

In spite of its claims to the contrary, the recent hack of T-Mobile USA customer data at credit bureau Experian is actually one of many such […]

Moog Across Silos

Industry Analysis Change is historically considered dangerous in IT, but IT teams must now be flexible and tolerant to keep up with today’s business pace. Their […]