Compuware Tool Maps Program Interactions on Mainframes

By David Ramel With the new tool, Compuware said, “developers can generate an intuitive map of the external calls a program executes during any specified runtime […]

Mendix: Resolving The Rapid Application Digital Dilemma

Spin off an innovative digital team who can quickly crank out customer-facing code while allowing traditional IT to plod along (as Gartner’s problematic advice on bimodal […]

Brownfield and Greenfield IT Ops: How Should You Manage Your Crop?

By Rob Markovich Two particular takeaways are worth further discussion here. First is point #1 mentioned above, that one size in cloud doesn’t fit for all […]

Compuware’s Innovative Topaz(TM) Runtime Visualizer Revolutionizes Mainframe DevOps With Fast Graphical Mapping of Program-to-Program Calls

Combined with the capabilities already provided by this year’s three previous Topaz releases—including cross-platform data visualization and editing, static COBOL and PL/I code visualization, and Java-on-mainframe […]