Feds Give Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call

By Adam Boone This week a court ruled that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can sue companies that do not deploy an adequate security architecture […]

Company Breached By Hackers? You’re Being Deceptive, According to FTC And The Court

Enterprise wake-up call: if you’re not doing enough to protect your customer information, the feds might come after your company for unfair and deceptive practices. That’s […]
The ILLIAC IV computer circa 1966, Stanley Kubrick’s inspiration for HAL.

Semantic Technology: Building The HAL 9000 Computer?

Is Paris Hilton a celebrity socialite or a hotel in France? The answer depends upon the context, perhaps from a Web page, magazine article, or other […]

Bimodal IT Not A Permanent Solution For Legacy Infrastructure Problems

By Sacha Nasr There’s a kernel of good thinking in the Bimodal IT concept. Different applications of information technology require different approaches. Product development may depend […]