Dispelling The Myths Of Agile

Do you like the idea of Agile software development, but you don’t think it’s a fit at your organization? Perhaps your enterprise is too rigidly hierarchical, […]

Jason Bloomberg Joins @DevOpsSummit New York Faculty | @TheEbizWizard | [#DevOps]

Jason Bloomberg to discuss the importance of resilience, inherent flexibility, and good technical debt to the success of DevOps The DevOps Drumbeat: Reinventing the Iron Triangle […]

What the Digital Revolution Means for Advancement Services

By Ehren Foss Digital transformation. Feel the thrill of corporate buzzwords travel up your spine. Within higher education, this is a salient phrase. It describes changes […]

Digital Transformation: Driving Organizational Change and Application Performance

Change is afoot. Across homes and workplaces, within organizations large and small, and most of all, within technology shops, multifaceted forces of change are driving innovation, […]