Fugue: Preventing Out-of-Compliance Cloud Deployments

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update When Intellyx first wrote about Fugue in December 2016, it was just ramping up its cloud governance as a service offering […]

Baffle: End-to-End Data Encryption as a Service

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update Intellyx wrote about Baffle in February 2017, as it was in the process of bringing its innovative approach to data encryption […]
Sophia the Robot at Web Summit 2017

Artificial Intelligence: Human-Like Behavior For Theatrics Or Solving Real Business Problems?

Quick quiz: what do you visualize when you hear the word robot? Some machine in human form, behaving like a human? Or perhaps one of the […]
Rajeev Rai, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus: Maintaining The Personal Touch In A Digital World

No industry has experienced the disruption of digital transformation more than retail. Amazon.com has upended virtually every segment of this venerable industry, well beyond the bookstores […]