The ‘Easy Revolution’ and the End of Hard-on-Purpose

From our perspective as consumers, perhaps the best thing about digital transformation is how consumerization is making technology so much easier to use. Sure, our television […]
Mike Gregoire, CEO of CA Technologies

Mitigate Digital Transformation Cybersecurity Risk With ‘DevSecOps’

Achieving customer value with any digital transformation initiative requires an organizational and cultural shift across the enterprise to align people’s efforts with customer priorities. We see […]

White Paper: Is Your DevOps Lean? Not if Your Toolchain Isn’t

Born out of Toyota’s streamlined manufacturing processes, the Lean movement now provides simplicity, customer focus, improved quality, and speed to software development teams, especially in large […]
Factory workers, 1936.

Agile Transformation? Time To ‘Rehumanize’ The Business

The story of extending the principles of Agile to the organization as a whole as I discussed in my article Digital Transformation Requires Enterprisewide Agile Transformation […]