Jason Bloomberg (L) and Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes Leads Thought Leadership Discussion At Executive Summit

This week, The Forbes School of Business and Technology at Ashford University in San Diego hosted a ‘thought leadership’ summit. Forbes CEO Steve Forbes keynoted, and […]
Gartner’s Bimodal IT and IBM Watson: traps for the digital enterprise

Bimodal IT and IBM Watson? ‘It’s A Trap’

People love talking about their successes, but getting them to own up to the challenges they’re facing is far more difficult. When those challenges are with […]
Metropolis debuted the year Alan Turing turned fifteen. Did it influence his choice of career? We can only wonder.

Should AI Fool You? Think Again

In the 67 years since Alan Turing proposed his Imitation Game – the infamous ‘Turing test’ for artificial intelligence (AI) – people have been confused over […]

White Paper: Making the Software-Defined Data Center a Reality with VMware NSX

By Jason Bloomberg and Charles Araujo The twin disruptive forces of cloud computing and digital transformation are disrupting the cloud provider marketplace. Unrelenting demand from mid-market […]