What is low-code development? A Lego-like approach to building software

By Clint Boulton Low-code development platforms employ visual, declarative techniques, which define data, logic, flows, forms and other application artifacts, without writing code, according to Forrester […]

Dispelling the Myth of the ‘Citizen Developer’

Business users have either been trying to build their own software-based solutions or customize existing solutions for years now, but with limited success. Today, however, such […]

Unsung No-Code Benefit: Application Security

I’d like to start this BrainBlog post with a horror story. Let’s say you’ve assigned a junior php developer (let’s call them Chris) to hand-code a […]

Citent’s GW Apps: A Google Cloud-based No-Code Platform

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Enterprise customers often turned to Citent when they needed custom applications to automate targeted business functions that integrated with the Google […]