Cloudistics: High-Performance On-Premises Full-Stack ‘Cloud in a Box’

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief A number of vendors have rolled out ‘cloud in a box’ solutions that offer a preconfigured private cloud solution for on-premises […]

The hard truth about hot technologies

By Minda Zetlin  Too often, CIOs spend time and resources worrying about how to implement the latest and greatest technology – from blockchain to AI – into […]

Is Low-Code/No-Code BPM Too Disruptive?

By Peter Schooff As Jason Bloomberg writes in this post, “such innovations (low-code/no-code) are too disruptive – so disruptive, in fact, that many different constituencies are resisting, each […]

The Low Code Movement – Disruption with Power

The low code movement is erupting in the enterprise, creating some confusion but also providing opportunity. The boundaries between IT and Lines of Business are blurring […]