Presentation at BBC: Digital Transformation Requires Enterprisewide Agile Transformation

Presented by: Jason Bloomberg November 8, 2017 Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, Florida Agile has finally jumped the technology shark, expanding outside the software world. Enterprises […]

Cedexis: Global Traffic Management as-a-Service at Web Scale

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Cedexis leverages real-user data to provide Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), public cloud providers and other Web Scale companies, media firms, and […]


By Annie_Xu   暴走时评:关于区块链炒作,最主要的是确定各个行业存在哪些问题,并对症采用不同的技术解决方案,而不是一味地追捧或者贬低区块链或者任何一项新兴技术。不过从目前该技术的适用性来看,它还不是终端用户可以真正采用的工具。并且该技术尚待解决的一些缺陷决定了它的部署成本较高,普及率较低,复杂性与性能,甚至本身被看好的不可篡改性都可能带来问题。至少目前看来,区块链技术对现有金融系统的颠覆性越大,成功的可能性反而越小。 Read the entire article at

In 2003, IT Didn’t Matter. Does it Matter Now?

In 2003, Writer Nick Carr shook up enterprise C-suites around the world with his seminal article for Harvard Business Review he provocatively titled IT Doesn’t Matter. […]