Why BPM is now taking a central role in digital transformation

Driven by the need for speed and agility—beyond traditional needs of efficiency and optimization—organizations turn to BPM to drive digital transformation Business Process Management (BPM) has […]

Redefining Ownership in the Age of Agile

By Karin Dames At the heart of being agile is small, self-organizing teams. In agile teams, work is not assigned to anyone, rather, the business presents what […]

Does Trump’s ‘Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine’ Hold Water?

The secret to Donald Trump’s win: a masterful combination of big data-based manipulation of hapless Facebook users, combined with ‘weaponized’ artificial intelligence (AI) which the Trump […]

RSA 2017 Recap: Enterprises Don’t Want More One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

By Michael Vaughn NetworkWorld’s Charles Araujo phrased the issue quite well in an article last week: Organizations must also rationalize security data in a business context […]