Three Essential Legacy Modernization Enablers of Hybrid IT

No word strikes more fear and loathing into the hearts of CIOs than legacy. The term is so reviled that software marketers are loathe to mention […]
The TSB logo, hearkening back to better days for the bank.

Don’t Let Your Cloud Migration Become A ‘Clusterf*ck’

Earlier this year, the UK-based bank TSB attempted a major IT migration, a massive project several years in the making. The result was a complete and […]

Seven Reasons to be Crabby about Technology

When it comes to technology, I’m an optimistic fellow. Not only do I believe the ongoing innovation in tech is inexorable, I’d go so far as […]

Old Iron. New Tricks.

Upgrade your infrastructure without breaking your business (or the bank) Digital transformation analyst Jason Bloomberg explains the subtleties of modernization in the digital era. To view […]