IR: Managing the Human-to-Human Customer Experience

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Even in the age of digital everything, we continue to crave human-to-human interaction. That’s why despite the explosion of communication methods, […]

The Evolution of Performance Management in the AI Era

AI workloads are demanding and can quickly push traditional architectures to their breaking point. As a result, organizations are re-envisioning their entire technology stack from the infrastructure on up and optimizing it for an era in which AI workloads are central to their operations. As they do so, they also realize that these new AI-centric architectures demand a fresh perspective on how they monitor them.

Pepperdata: Performance Management in Support of DevOps for Big Data

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Big data environments require specialized performance management tooling. Pepperdata recently announced its code analyzer for Apache Spark, adding it to its […]

Webinar: Avoiding Docker Disaster: Effective Management of Docker Containers

Thursday, July 20, 2016 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00 ET It seems with all the buzz around containers and Docker in particular that this new technology is the […]