Gremlin: Chaos Engineering for Controlled Experiments

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief First, Netflix introduced the Chaos Monkey: an app that would kill processes at random within the Netflix production environment in order […]

Dyn: Managing DNS at the Heart of Digital Resilience

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The Domain Name Service (DNS) is surprisingly fragile, especially considering that it serves as the backbone of the Internet. Hackers realize […]

The DevOps Drumbeat – Part 2

Introducing the DevOps Drumbeat The move to DevOps also introduces additional constraints to our burgeoning Iron Polygon, as individual projects become less distinct. In an environment […]

Resiliency and Innovation: Anticipating Disruption

By Jim Ingram, Director of Finance and Administration, Alliance for Innovation Faster, better, cheaper: this is the mantra so often heard in organizations pressed to create efficient […]