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SignalWire: An Infrastructure and API for Restarting Communications Development

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Sometimes a disruptive technology was right under your nose, or in your pocket, all this time. SignalWire is creating a new […]
‘Smart’ apps are becoming the norm

‘Smart’ Vendors Make Splash

At last fall’s NetEvents press/analyst/vendor confab, I called out three vendors as ‘sexy.’ This year, the three vendors that stand out are ‘smart.’ Not that smart […]

3CLogic: Connecting Voice to Business Processes

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief While these days it may seem that everything is going ‘digital,’ the reality is that a lot of the communication that […]

Orion Labs: Reinventing ‘Push to Talk’ to Disrupt the Enterprise with Voice Technology

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Nextel made a mint on simple ‘push to talk’ (PTT) walkie-talkie functionality, but its PTT offerings have languished since Sprint acquired […]