The Challenge of Self-Service Big Data

Big data – data sets so large, moving so rapidly that traditional tools are woefully inadequate – continue to explode across enterprises today. Such real-time firehoses of data promise to swamp users across the enterprise spectrum, from remote field workers to office staff to the depths of the IT organization.

maana wheelJust making some sense out of all this information is challenge enough. Putting it to actual use is even tougher – for data scientists and subject-matter experts, who deal with such information daily. And yet, bringing the value of big data to all employees, so they can access useful analyses and deep insights in their day-to-day work has been the big data pot of gold, with no rainbow in sight.

Until now. Introducing Maana, the next-generation big data analytics platform. Maana operationalizes big data insights – bringing the full value of big data intelligence and real-time recommendations to employees’ day-to-day work.

From massive, streaming data sources all the way to the people in the field, Maana enables self-service for data discovery and insight, translates those insights into recommendations, and then embeds those recommendations into line-of-business applications.

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