Flutura: Industrial IoT Platform for Field Technicians and Engineers

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The Cerebra Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from Flutura captures and analyzes sensor telemetry for heavy industry, with a particular focus […]

Zoomdata: Data Visualization and Analysis Built for Streaming – and Speed

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief While Tableau dominates the crowded data visualization and analysis market, Zoomdata has gained substantial customer traction with its differentiated streaming-centric offering. […]

Bitcoin Gains Value Due to Criminal Use [Only], Says Forbes Coloumnist

By Samburaj Das A Forbes columnist has matter-of-factly opined that “the only reason” bitcoin has any value is due to illegal usage. In a published column yesterday, […]

Topaz for Program Analysis

By Compuware The Value of Topaz for Program Analysis Eases the transition for next-generation developers by improving the understanding of highly complex applications Increases developer productivity […]