The no-code/low-code platform marketplace is exploding, as numerous vendors flesh out offerings in this white hot segment of the broader PaaS market. As with many emerging markets, these vendors each have a well-differentiated offering, each one bearing little resemblance to the others.

Gaining a rapid foothold in these turbulent waters is Vizru, a low-code platform that empowers citizen developers to craft ‘smart’ business applications by assembling spreadsheets, forms, or dashboards that leverage Vizru’s underlying workflow automation and messaging capabilities.

The Vizru User Interface (source: Vizru)

The Vizru User Interface – Click to Expand (source: Vizru)

Given the range of different types of business apps that this new citizen developer role can assemble using Vizru’s platform, the company risks falling into the trap I like to call the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ problem: it’s so versatile, it’s hard to explain what it’s really good for.

Look beneath the surface, however, and Vizru’s unique value proposition comes to the fore. Its automated session management and bot-driven workflow automation enable a powerful class of applications that other no-code/low-code platforms would struggle to emulate.

The Vizru Smart Business Messenger

These differentiated capabilities come together in the Vizru Smart Business Messenger (SBM). SBM leverages the platform’s bot-driven workflow automation and messaging capability to empower citizen developers to deploy workflows in minutes, thus implementing even mission-critical business transactions across both cloud and on-premises environments.

Vizru’s bot – an intelligent agent – can read incoming messages (for example, via SMS) and convert them into meaningful, time-dependent customer experiences. Today, we call such experiences ‘mobile moments,’ as they typically appear on mobile devices at the time and place the user needs or desires them.

Coordinating these mobile moments is Vizru’s session management capability, which is able to string together otherwise separate interactions into a single, customer-focused workflow. For example, if someone is making a purchase with a credit card and the purchase is declined, the bank can send them an SMS text to resolve the decline on the spot.

This credit card example highlights another important benefit of the Vizru platform: security. Vizru supports various user authentication and authorization approaches, and then maintains a secure user token throughout the workflow – another benefit of Vizru’s robust session management capabilities.

No-Code/Low-Code for Omnichannel

Given the no-code/low-code capabilities of the Vizru platform, this example is but one of a wide range of similar workflow-based interactions that citizen developers would be able to craft.

Furthermore, Vizru’s session management capabilities aren’t specific to SMS. Using the platform, a citizen developer could assemble a workflow that crossed multiple channels, for example, including email, SMS, and digital signage interactions.

In other words, companies can use Vizru SBM to build omnichannel applications. Omnichannel goes beyond earlier multichannel approaches from the last two decades by recognizing that from the customer perspective, all interaction touchpoints at a particular point in time form a single channel.

By empowering organizations to build omnichannel applications that coordinate mobile moments, Vizru’s no-code/low-code platform focuses on the core of the digital world – a strategic differentiation that no other no-code/low-code vendor can match at this time.

The Intellyx Take

We can argue that Vizru offers one of the only mobile-first, omnichannel, secure workflow platforms on the market today. Mobile-first because citizen developers can begin their development on Vizru with mobile interfaces, including SMS. Omnichannel because Vizru pulls together interactions on multiple touchpoints into single, bot-driven workflows.

Secure because Vizru’s session management enables it to maintain secure user tokens across multiple interactions. And all of these capabilities run on top of Vizru’s workflow platform.

If all these capabilities weren’t enough, the Vizru platform offers other capabilities as well. It’s well-suited for building applications that run across hybrid cloud environments. Its spreadsheet interface empowers citizen developers to convert their Excel-based spreadsheets into collaborative, workflow-based applications.

There are other tools in this Swiss Army Knife as well – but the secure omnichannel capabilities of the Smart Business Messenger are reason enough for any digital-minded organization to take advantage of Vizru’s extensive innovation.

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