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Clustrix has carved out a solid niche in the crowded and noisy cloud-centric database market with a MySQL replacement database offering. It operates in any cloud environment or on-premises, while being both ACID-compliant, scalable, and high performance.

Clustrix also offers ‘nResiliency,’ the ability for multiple nodes to fail without impacting performance or causing data loss.

Every participant in the high-performance database market faces tradeoffs, as the CAP Theorem requires that any database can offer at most two of immediate consistency, high availability, or partition tolerance.

In Clustrix’s case, its patented hands-free sharding technology distributes data across a local cluster, and thus the platform doesn’t offer the partition tolerance of eventually consistent databases like Apache Cassandra.

In return, Clustrix delivers a drop-in replacement for MySQL suitable for high-value, high-transaction workloads like those in ecommerce, social media, online gaming, and ad tech – the industries where Clustrix has gained the most traction.

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