Datical: Database Release Management and Automation

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief When developers write code, they typically write some SQL (or other database access script) to support that code. Their code would […]

Esgyn: A Converged Big Data Platform for the Modern Enterprise

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief It used to be pretty straightforward. You had transactional systems and the databases that supported them. And then you had your […]

Why a Vertically Integrated Cloud Stack Could Be the Wrong Move

As enterprise leaders enter the next phase of cloud adoption, a new set of critical success factors are emerging: flexibility, the ability to innovate, and data portability.  Organizations are beginning to wonder if a single, integrated cloud stack may have been the wrong move.

How Big Data and IoT Will Affect Your Company’s Architecture

By Lesa Moné NoSQL databases will replace traditional databases. As IoT data is traditionally unstructured, it will be difficult to sort into ables. This is where NoSQL […]