OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado

The no-code and low-code markets continue to mature, as no-code vendors provide more complete, easy-to-use application construction tools for non-technical, ‘citizen’ developers – while low-code vendors target increasingly complex enterprise scenarios with their platforms for professional developers.

Furthermore, the low-code market itself continues to diversify. Many low-code vendors have chosen to focus on specific strengths, whether it be mobile app development, workflow-centric apps, or forms-based user interfaces with integrated data sources beneath the covers.

OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado

OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado

The leaders in this fast-growing market, in contrast, are centering their efforts on supporting enterprises as they struggle with complex applications that typically bring together all of these capabilities.

At its customer conference NextStep in Boston this week, low-code trailblazer OutSystems rolled out version 11 of its platform. The company had already delivered a platform that handled the capabilities listed above. With this announcement, it tackled a tougher challenge: modernizing legacy systems and replacing the large application portfolios that burden today’s IT shops.

For enterprises with such systems, moving from legacy, monolithic applications to a modern app portfolio requires a rethink of its architecture. “If you want agility, you need to break your architecture into smaller, more agile parts,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “Fully autonomous, multi-disciplinary teams can take several of these parts and organize them around goals like services.”

Read the entire article at https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2018/09/28/pulverize-your-monolithic-legacy-apps-with-low-code-and-modern-architecture/.

Intellyx publishes the Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster, advises companies on their digital transformation initiatives, and helps vendors communicate their agility stories. As of the time of writing, Appian, OutSystems, and Progress Software are Intellyx customers. None of the other organizations mentioned in this article are Intellyx customers. OutSystems covered Jason Bloomberg’s expenses at NextStep, a standard industry practice. Image credit: Jason Bloomberg.

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