Do you really want these guys running your company?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest craze among the CIO crowd because, well, robots! Who doesn’t love robots?

The basic idea: get a piece of software to take over the mundane interactions with some existing application. No longer does a human have to click buttons, cut and paste values, or type data into fields.

Instead, the robot will do all that for you! Just think of all the money you’ll save.

Do you really want these guys running your company?

Do you really want these guys running your company?

Just how smart is that robot? Not to worry – let’s add some artificial intelligence (AI), and presto – now we have Cognitive RPA. Much smarter than that ordinary RPA we had before.

Now our software can make intelligent decisions – judgment calls that heretofore only humans could manage. Forget the paperless office. Now we can have the humanless office, all thanks to robots!

Sound too good to be true? You’re right, at least, for now.

RPA may be getting all the attention, and Cognitive RPA certainly has promise – but the downsides may still outweigh the upsides.

Buyer beware.

Intellyx publishes the Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster, advises companies on their digital transformation initiatives, and helps vendors communicate their agility stories. As of the time of writing, CA Technologies and OutSystems are Intellyx customers. None of the other organizations mentioned in this article are Intellyx customers. Image credit: Thor.

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