Empowering the Citizen Developer

Once upon a time, obtaining applications in large enterprises was a straightforward affair. Users in various lines of business (LoBs) would come up with their requirements […]

Rackspace: Untangling Knotty Hybrid Cloud Challenges With Vizru Low-Code Platform

The white-hot low-code/no-code marketplace is experiencing dramatic innovation, as numerous vendors hammer out differentiated offerings in this emerging space. Joining the fray: Vizru. Vizru offers a […]

Building the Software-Defined Digital Enterprise (Part 2)

In part one of this Cortex I rolled out what I referred to as the grand unified theory of Digital, DevOps, and Software-Defined Everything: to achieve […]

Huawei: US Enterprise Strategy Hobbled By Chinese Tunnel Vision

After spending a week at Huawei’s first all-customer Connect 2016 conference in Shanghai, it’s hard not to come away impressed by both the Chinese technology juggernaut’s […]