“The goal of architecture was to create the right emergent behaviors” – kierunek ewolucji architektury korporacyjnej

Jason Bloomberg na anglojęzycznym blogu dwutygodnika Forbes opublikował wpis pod tytułem: “Agile Enterprise Architecture Finally Crosses the Chasm“. Z mojej perspektywy jest on istotny z dwóch […]

Is TIBCO Nearing End of Days?

A decade ago, back in the “SOA days,” we compared various Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) vendors and the products they were hawking. When the conversation came […]

Innovation: The Flip Side of Resilience

Resilience was a hot topic at last week’s O’Reilly Velocity conference, and the topic was hottest during the keynote and subsequent interview by David Woods, Professor […]

Transforming Digital Business in ‘Real-Time’

Author Jason Bloomberg explores the murky concept of “real-time” and its impact in different verticals, including how Aerospike customer Yashi creates geo-targeted ad campaigns at lightning […]