Should You Fire All Your Techies?

I recently spotted a five-year-old blog post by Mike Gualtieri of Forrester, where he suggests firing your quality assurance (QA) team to improve your quality. He […]

The Secret to Easy, Fast, Economical Big Data

Understanding the Strategic Differentiation of the Clusterpoint DBaaS With all the talk today of the three V’s of big data – volume, velocity, and variety – […]

Architecture in an Increasingly Dynamic World

By Arthur Cole But probably the biggest change in enterprise architectures is not the designs themselves but the ways in which knowledge workers will interact with […]
Once again, the fool reigns supreme.

Jason Bloomberg’s Top Four Forbes Articles For 2015

Forbes asked me to pen a retrospective for my final article of the year. To this end, I reviewed the articles I had written in 2015, […]