Mainframe Migration: Fool’s Errand?

Contrary to what passes for popular wisdom these days, migrating enterprise applications off the mainframe is often a fool’s errand. That’s the word from the SHARE […]

Securing the Frictionless Enterprise

The Dark Side of the Frictionless Enterprise During the seventy-year history of enterprise information technology, generation after generation of IT have transformed the nature of business. […]

Exponentielles Wachstum: Der geheime Schatten der Innovation

By Andreas Pihan Während sich einige immer noch Gedanken darüber machen, ob und wie wir in der Lage sein werden, noch vor unserem Tod unser Bewusstsein […]

Perspectives from the Cloud: Jason Bloomberg Interview on Cloud Trends

Cloud trends: Microservices and HPC We chat again with Jason Bloomberg, a leading industry analyst and expert on achieving digital transformation by architecting business agility in […]