AgilePoint: ‘Future-Proof’ Model-Driven Low-Code Platform with Deep BPMS Roots

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief AgilePoint builds on years of expertise as a business process management system (BPMS) vendor to round out its Low-Code platform. The […]

Breakthrough Technologies Loco: No-Code for SMBs with a ‘Deck of Cards’ Metaphor

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Breakthrough Technologies is a software development consulting firm that has delivered solutions primarily to the assessment, K/12, and non-profit markets since […]
Luddites destroying an automated loom.

Think You Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is? Think Again

Of all the technologies that drive digital transformation in the enterprise, people often tout artificial intelligence (AI) as perhaps the most disruptive of all. As automation […]

Caspio: Data-Centric Low-Code/No-Code with ‘Land and Expand’ Enterprise Strategy

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Compared to many of the startups in the exploding no-code/low-code market, Caspio has been around for longer than most. Since its […]