SkySync: Solving the Enterprise Content Problem

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Enterprises have a content problem. They have content everywhere — in the form of office documents, SharePoint articles and who knows […]

Orion Labs releases push-to-talk app for enterprises

By Jonathan Dame Orion’s voice-powered platform is remarkably more advanced than the first generation of push-to-talk technologies for cellphones, said Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, an analyst […]

Telegram ICO: Scam Among Cryptocurrency Scams?

By Dickinson Junior Jason Bloomberg, a contributor to Forbes, exposes the Telegram messenger ICO as the greatest scam of all! Telegram/TON’s 132 page whitepaper says nothing […]
Building block chains hasn’t always been so complicated.

Don’t Let Blockchain Cost Savings Hype Fool You

Last month, management consulting giant Accenture and McLagan, an operations benchmarking research firm, published the report Banking on Blockchain: A Value Analysis for Investment Banks. The […]