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With all the talk about digital this and digital that, it’s easy to forget that most interactions and transaction still take place in the real-world and face-to-face. This gap is indeed true when it comes to core industries like retail, dining, and healthcare. Most organizations, however, have focused their digital efforts everywhere but on the local interactions.

Chatmeter was one of the first organizations to recognize the connection between digital and local engagements. Its local reputation management platform lets any organization that has multiple sites manage local listings, monitor and respond to reviews, and conduct social listening. An organization’s effectiveness across these domains plays a significant role in how any given location comes up in mobile search results — which unsurprisingly, often lead to interactions that are most likely to convert into a transaction.

Beyond its traditional roots in local search engine optimization (SEO), however, the company is now finding that its platform is also beneficial as organizations seek to monitor, manage, and optimize the customer experience across all interactions. Its platform promises to help organizations sustain and deliver on their brand promise uniformly across hundreds or thousands of locations — something that is often very difficult to do otherwise, and which is now essential as the customer experience becomes a significant driver of business value.

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